Designing UX mobile app

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Designing UX mobile app
Designing UX mobile app

The design process for mobile apps and games involves developing a mobile version of the site with a number of additional features. More and more developers today give preference to UX-design This type of design allows to create not just a mobile application, but a whole ecosystem, with the help of which a user can solve a lot of specific tasks and problems. The majority of current traffic is coming from mobile devices, so it is important to pay attention to the careful design of a mobile app or game.

Thorough analytics in the first place

Before developing a UX design for a mobile app, it's worth taking the time to do thorough analytics. In order to do so, it is essential to:

• Analyze the competitors.
• Evaluate the needs of potential users (concrete target audience).
• Build objectives and goals.

Note that only a thorough analysis will allow you to develop a truly effective application design, user-friendly and attractive at the same time.

Audience analysis and UX app design

Before the prototype is developed, the designer should analyze competitors, assess the target audience, and set the app's development goals. Let's say your target audience is women. In this case, it is acceptable to reduce the size of buttons and other control tools. On the contrary, for the male audience, you should increase the size of the controls. This is a peculiarity of perception of information by men and women.

Designing the interface of the mobile app

In the algorithms of designing the interface of any mobile app or game, there are several nuances about which both the designer and the client should be aware. For example, the controls can be designed by buttons and by swiping or fixing certain controls. Also, refrain from duplicating the app or brand logo on each of the screens. Instead, it's ideal to use the logo on the main loading screen and the service icon.

Also, pay attention to the location of the basic controls of the mobile app: it is better to place them at the bottom. In turn, the top left corner in the mobile design is optimal to use a minimum, strictly for specific purposes (for example, you can place the "Back" button here).

Also, modern designers are increasingly abandoning too small fonts in the design of mobile applications. For the main text, it is optimal to use 14-16 px, and for titles 18-24 px. Finally, don't forget to use colors intelligently. Hues should prompt users to clickable elements.
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